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Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment

کیفیت خوب دستگاه رول پیلینگ برای فروش
کیفیت خوب دستگاه رول پیلینگ برای فروش
من گفتم رئیس من، رافائل، که محصول شما را بسیار دوست داشت، امیدوار است تا همکاری های بیشتر و بیشتر کسب و کار را به شما نشان دهد، همانطور که به شما می گویم که رئیس من با محصول بسیار راضی است.

—— خانم بیت لحم

ما تحت تاثیر کیفیت و خدمات مطلوب قرار می گیریم. ما به دنبال یک کسب و کار خوب با شرکت شما هستیم.

—— آقای Win Hlaing

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Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment

چین Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment تامین کننده
Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment تامین کننده Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment تامین کننده

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جزئیات محصول:

محل منبع: جیانگسو چین
نام تجاری: TYSIM
گواهی: ISO9001:2008
Model Number: KTR3205H


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
قیمت: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Nude Packing
Delivery Time: 30-45 days
Payment Terms: D/A, L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets/month
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توضیحات محصول جزئیات
نام محصول: روتاتور پوشش قطر سوراخ مته: 2000 تا 3200 میلیمتر
گشتاور روتاری: 9080/5368/3034 kN.m لحظه 10593 kN.m سرعت چرخشی: 0.6 / 1.0 / 1.8 دور در دقیقه
فشار پایین آستین: حداکثر 1100 کیلوولت + وزن مرده 600 کیلو ولت نیروی کشیدن آستین: 7237 kN، لحظه ای 8370 kN
فشار کشیدن سکته مغزی: 750 میلیمتر وزن: 96 تن
موتور مدل: Cummins QSM11-335 * 2 قدرت موتور: 2x272 / 1800 کیلووات ساعت / دور در دقیقه
مصرف سوخت موتور: 216x2 g / kwh (حداکثر توان قدرت) حالت کنترل: کنترل از راه دور سیمی
وزن بسته هیدرولیک: 13 تن


Casing Rotator KTR3205H


1. Description


About Hydraulic Power Station


We have the convenient operating system, according to the working condition the operating system platform of micro computer can keep the machine at an optimum working state by adjusting the speed, torque and pressing force, and promote the work efficiency to the maximum. 


Use for different types construction:


(1) Foundation pile, continuous wall

Foundation piles for high-speed rail, road and bridge and house building;

Articulation pile constructions which are required to be excavated, such as subway platforms, underground architectures, continuous walls.

Water retaining wall of reservoir reinforcement.


(2)Drilling gravels, boulders and karst caves

It is allowable to conduct the foundation pile construction at mountain lands with gravel and boulder formations.

It is allowable to conduct operation and cast the foundation piles at the thick quicksand formation and necking down stratum or the filling layer.

Conduct rock-socketed drilling to the rock stratum, cast the foundation pile.


(3) Clear the underground obstructions

During the urban construction and bridge rebuilding, the obstructions such as the steel reinforced concrete pile, steel pipe pile, H steel pile, pc pile and wood pile can be cleared directly, and cast the foundation pile on the spot.


(4) Cut the rock stratum

Conduct the rock-socketed drilling to the cast-in-place piles.

Drill through-holes on the rock bed(shafts and ventilation holes).


(5) Deep excavation

Conduct the in-place casting or steel pipe pile inserting for the deep foundation improvement.

Excavate deep wells for construction use in the constructions of reservoir and tunnel.



2. Specifications


Technical parameters
Drilling Diameter 2000-3200 mm

9080/5368/3034 kN.m

Instantaneous 10593

Rotary speed 0.6/1.0/1.8
Lower Pressure of sleeve Max. 1100kN+Dead Weight 600 kN
Pulling fore of sleeve 7237kN, Instantaneous 8370 kN
Pressure pulling stroke 750 mm
Weight 96 ton



Parameters of Hydraulic power station
Engine Model Cummins QSM11-335x2
Engine Power 2x272/1800 kw/rpm
Fuel Consumption of Engine 216x2 g/kwh( Max. power rate)
Weight 13 ton
Control Mode Wired remote control



3.Competitive Advantage


(1) No noise, no vibration, and high safety.


(2) Without mud, clean working surface, good environmental friendliness, avoiding the possibility for mud to enter the concrete, high pile quality, enhancing the bond stress of concrete to the steel bar;


(3) During construction drilling, the characteristics of stratum and rock can be directly distinguished;


(4) The drilling speed is fast and reaches about 14m/h for the general soil layer;


(5) The drilling depth is large and reaches about 80m according to the situation of soil layer;


(6) The hole forming verticality is easy to master, which can be accurate to 1/500;


(7) No hole collapse will be caused, and the hole forming quality is high;


(8) The hole forming diameter is standard, with little filling factor. Being compared with other hole forming methods, it can save a lot of concrete usage;


(9) The hole clearing is thorough and fast. The drilling mud at the hole bottom can be clear to about 3.0cm.


 Casing Pipe Rotators , Casing Tubing Rotator Action Construction Equipment


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